The social networking app has come under fire in the media recently with increasing numbers using the app to meet and network safely while adhering to social distancing measures. Some of the headlines have talked about horrific instances where people have had their Zooms hijacked and indecent images posted. Below KOGS have outlined how you can keep safe while using Zoom.

Before your meeting starts:

  1. Turn on waiting room to view and admit participants. You can push participants out of the meeting back in to the waiting room if you need to.
  2. For public meetings always use a randomly generated meeting ID and never your personal ID (PMI)
  3. There is a function to require a password to join a meeting which can be used for personal meeting IDs and newly scheduled meetings

How to keep control of the meeting:

  1. Once everyone arrives lock the meeting
  2. If you have not already enabled the waiting room function you can do this at any point
  3. Control screen sharing (this can be toggled on and off during a meeting)
  4. Do you need private chat on? If not you can disable it
  5. Having a co host means that you can have your meeting while someone else can be vigilant to anything that may go wrong
  6. You can mute, unmute and disable participants ability to unmute themselves during a meeting
  7. If you find an unwanted guest in your meeting you can remove them and block so they cannot rejoin once you have kicked them out

What to do if something goes wrong:

If you find yourself in a position where someone has hacked or hijacked your zoom and is sharing inappropriate things it may take too long/you may be too shocked and flustered to remove them KOGS advise you exit immediately and restart the meeting with a fresh meeting ID.