KOGS have left the building…

KOGS have left the building! After many years at the Salt Cellar we have moved across town to a new space.


Medtia Chambers on Barn Street is conveniently sandwiched in between Kings Hall and the back of George Street. Fittingly we are as safe as we can be just a stones throw from Oldham police station and would you believe our neighbours downstairs are Sally and the team at  Inspire Women.


The space we have is a full floor with five rooms and a kitchen. The opportunities are endless for the future of KOGS. We are so excited with this blank canvas, all we need to do now is fill it up!


For the first time ever we will be able to run multiple programs at the same time, hire meeting space out, host training and work with partners in house. We are excited to start thinking of a new and innovative projects to engage and empower young women across Oldham!