What it’s like to be a girl in 2017

Most girls are expected to be all popular and girly and wearing make up like all the time but some girls aren’t like that, and girls are judged by boys. You should know you can’t give a girl a definition if you don’t know who we are.
Boys say girls aren’t expected to be sporty that they’re better at drawing and writing. Girls can’t run, girls can’t throw, girls can’t fight back. Boys give us a reason why we can’t be good at sports, because yeah we can!
We have rights. In 2017 girls have expectations and limits we are being made fun of because we try to make a difference. Girls sometimes get the feeling they can’t talk to anyone if they’re being bullied or made fun of…..There is always someone here for you girls don’t be scared or threatened or manipulated be the BEST!!
Hold your head high and tell those people, “I don’t care, I don’t need to, I am my own person and I am the best”

By Marie.