KPMG – KOGS Peer Mentor Group | Coliseum Theater Experience!

The sassy Pineapple

This month we stepped into the shoes of pineapples, potatoes and Doritos. Cooperating with strangers is not my strong point. When a group of students were gathered to take part in a project I was sceptical about getting along but I was surprised about how quickly we clicked. Our mission should we choose to accept it was to create a script based on a theme, The dinner table and eventually perform it in the Oldham Coliseum with two professionals.
We sat around a table to brainstorm ideas over brownies. We decided to use rules for the perfect dinner party from readers digest and made fun of the statements creating an awkward, formal dinner party following the rules with disastrous results. I played an older sister who is forced to play waitress for her sisters dinner party, getting her revenge by putting vinegar in their sandwiches. Following that was a genius idea to look through the point of view of food. We chose a certain food and improvised their monologue before writing it down on paper, this resulted in an insightful tomato, a bitter potato, a sassy pineapple an unappreciated cherry and a spicy dorito – all hilarious to watch.
Considering we had only just met we all got on surprisingly well and worked together brilliantly. I felt part of something instead of pushed to the side, everyone had wonderful contributions and no one was left out. It taught everyone teamwork, confidence, creativity and we learnt to reassure and comfort each other. It felt like we had been friends for a lot longer and I can’t wait to see what else KOGS cooks up.

By Katie.

How I became a cherry
We went to Oldham Coliseum and perform a piece with the stimulant the dinner table. We prepared by doing workshops to make the script and practice. Then we went over our lines before we went on stage. I was slightly and scared nervous but super excited. This boosted my confidence and helped me relax and try new things. It also made me experience other peoples work and see how talented others are and what you can achieve if you put your mind to it.

By Hannah.

What I did at the Coliseum
Chris and Heather came and joined us they made a plan and rough script and read it to us. After we had picked our numbers and sorted stories and designed our costumes Heather and Chris went home and made the script.
When the day came we got to the Coliseum and ate cake got changed and ready. I got freaked out because I kept forgetting my lines Nicola helped all of us keep calm.
Kevin was a guy who told us when to go on stage he was lovely. Carley was the manager of it all. The production was about the dinner table and all six different groups where about different things such as standing up for who you are and being equal. In the end all went well we all remembered our actions and lines. We all did great all was well at the end, every group did well and succeeded.
We are all growing in ourselves.

By Sarah.