New Projects with Kogs

Over the past 15 months, Kogs have stepped into a number of New and Exciting Projects.  These Projects include Client Workshops, Wellness and Fitness sessions and Amazing Academy collaborations.  Please visit the link above to read more and to express your interest should you wish to get involved.

Keeping Our Girls Safe

Spot The Signs

There is no hard and fast rules on how to tell if a young person is being sexually exploited, below is a short list of common indicators.

How We Can Help?

Keeping Our Girls Safe can provide practical advice, information, professional training & programmes aimed at young people.

Get In Touch

if you have concerns that someone you know may be being sexually exploited help is available. Get in touch with us.

About UsLearn about KOGS, how we work and who we are.

Established in 2011 KOGS was set up to address the gaps in the service provision available to young people around prevention and early intervention.

Join Our ProgrammesPeer mentoring, Standalone workshops and much more!

We work closely with you to ensure that the programme is suitable for the age, needs and ability of the group to ensure that individuals get the most out of the programme.

Latest NewsView our latest news and views

Let’s talk about R.S.E

Please note: this blog was written by a secondary school teacher relating to children aged 11-16. All views expressed are the writers own. Did you know…RSE was initially named SRE but later changed as it was felt that the R should come before the S! RSE is Relationship and Sex Education, for most of us…

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